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    设计师: 陶丽萍


    This is an old plant renovation design project. As an office and reception, the owner likes the feeling of Suzhou garden very much. In such an environment, it is his dream to meet guests and friends with tea. The advantage of the old factory building is that the floor height is very high, and the customers have storage needs. Two thirds of the storage space is made in the attic, and one third of the spire space is reserved. The staff and the reception space are completely independent and do not interfere with each other. Our whole space faces north and south. There was a door on the east wall. Because there was a public toilet outside, it was changed to a fixed large glass for fear of odor. In order to increase the indoor natural light, a large glass was added to the east wall. The door is also redesigned. The door handle is designed by the company's logo. The ground is engraved with blue cloud pictures and pictures, implying that the clouds will go straight up. The floor material is a brick with a color similar to that of gold brick. The floor of the entrance porch is paved with small green brick herringbone. The floor of the general manager's office and tea room is raised and paved. The walls are pure white paint. The lattice doors are made of pure logs, and the furniture is made of logs We used the cheapest materials to restore the effect we wanted. In the space, we have designed white walls, grey tiles, lattice doors and windows with garden features, and integrate the green plant landscape indoor and outdoor. The micro landscape and waterscape are exquisite and graceful, and the fish swim around Blend into your own unique space.

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