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设计机构: 世墨易雲中式设计机构

Design company: {SMY design} Shi Mo Yi Yun Chinese style design office
Design project: Shanghai
Design area: indoor area 1200 square meters
Master case Designer: Huang Zongwu
Assistant Designer: Chen Mingxin
Design idea: how deep is the courtyard? Yang Liu heap smoke, curtain no weight. Yule carving saddle you Ye, the building is not seen Zhangtai Road. In March, the rain and the wind were late. Tears of eyes asked flowers, floral flings flew over the swing.

设计公司:{SMY设计 } 世墨易雲中式设计事务所
设计理念:庭院深深深几许?杨柳堆烟,帘幕无重数。 玉勒雕鞍游冶处,楼高不见章台路。 雨横风狂三月暮,门掩黄昏,无计留春住。 泪眼问花花不语,乱红飞过秋千去。

Enjoying leisure life is much cheaper than enjoying luxury life. To enjoy leisure life is just an artist's temperament. In a totally leisurely mood, you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon.


The spirit of rhyme and charm can be deeply enchanted and fascinated by the artistic conception expressed. This is a mental state that obtains aesthetic enjoyment.


Have we lost our way in these years? Have we lost the most important thing in our mind? Now we are quiet and looking for it bit by bit. If every story has been doomed from the beginning to its rhythm and fate, we try to cash the oath, and he is quiet as the fruit tree has finally yielded.


Living in a prosperous city long longed for a quiet body and mind, the sunshine and the wind listen to the wind and listen to the rain. You should enjoy the posture, the poetic content of life, and open your eyes to see the beauty. In the multifarious secular life. Spend more time studying quietly and wandering in the house. Where the dust and sunshine are, we can only comfort us because we have a vague feeling that we may meet another soul who loves them as well.

身处繁华都市太久便渴望有一种静谧的身心归处,阳光 茶香 听风 听雨,你应该享受有这种姿态,生活的诗意而满足,睁开双眼看到的便是美好。在繁杂的世俗生活中。多留些时间读书安静下来,徘徊在屋内那些鱼儿 花朵。枝蔓 尘埃和阳光之所处,只所以能给我们以慰藉是因为我们隐约预感到可能会和另一颗同样爱他们的灵魂相遇。


Lotus wind 32, a month in the United States, I have been watching the wind and the moon, enjoying the tea, studying flowers, researching ink and writing flowers to half open. The half of the tea, the proper friendship. It is the best state.


荷风 三两 美月一轮 我已风月对望,饮茶赏花 研墨 落笔 花 至半开。茶饮半盏,恰如其分的情谊。便是最好的境界。

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